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BTL (Below the Line) Marketing in Kenya

Below-the-line marketing, or BTL marketing, is an advertising technique that promotes items through nontraditional channels. Broadcast radio, print media, cinema, billboards, and television are traditional advertising mediums. Below-the-line marketing ignores conventional conventions to reach out to individuals directly, whether through trade exhibitions, catalogs, direct-mail campaigns, or advertising that surface when people search for things on the internet. Choosing the best BTL marketing agency will make your company rank at the top of the market. Concepts 360 is one of the best companies in BTL marketing 2022. Hiring an agency to conduct BTL marketing for your company is affordable. It provides the best alternative for small businesses growing and cannot afford the cost of advertisement on mainstream media.

What makes Concept 360 the best BTL marketing provider?

It will make your brand stand out.

A company’s ability to think beyond the box can help it stay ahead of the competition. Brands can exhibit their products to their target audience through BTL activities. It gives firms a platform to communicate their marketing message to their target market. BTL efforts enable the organization to stand out without being lost in the crowd. Make your brand stand out with the help of Concepts 360, which is the best BTL marketing agency in Kenya.

They help you reach your target audience.

BTL activations let you connect with potential consumers. You may plan accordingly once you know what you want to achieve. Whether it’s a mall activation or brand activation, BTL initiatives help you reach out to the right people.

They will build credibility for your brand.

BTL activities have increased since the advent of experiential marketing solutions. BTL initiatives yield quick results while also enhancing a good brand image. It allows the brand to present its products to its target audience, which leads to product sales. It facilitates the formation of a customer-brand relationship. Working with Concept 360 Marketing, the top BTL agency, can help you establish your brand’s credibility.

Support Growth of small businesses.

BTL marketing is affordable as compared to ATL marketing. Therefore, providing BTL marketing means that small businesses can easily afford the cost of marketing. Additionally, Concept 360 offers customer-friendly marketing costs, which helps small businesses to thrive in the industry. Working with Concepts 360 will have your brand competing with more prominent brands at an affordable price.

Reach target audience.

One of the significant issues with ATL activities was that they were not directed at a specific individual. The critical number of clients or target recipients is usually ignored because the initial contact was made with groups or masses. BTL activities were designed with this in mind to address these concerns. Because BTL operations are customer-centric, companies now send personal messages and emailers to customers rather than mass emails and messages. As a result, they are more likely to reach out to each individual, and brand promotion via these channels produces better results.

Working with the best BTL marketing agency will have a more significant positive impact on your brand in a shorter period than you expected. Concepts 360 are the best Kenyan company that offers BTL marketing. Contact them for more consultation.

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